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February 23, 2008



New Camera!!!! Lucky you. I really should get batterys for my rebel camera. It is so easy most times to get the digital and point and shoot. I'd love a really reallly realllly good digital! Someday.


Wow- what a week mama! That job of yours needs to be a thing of the past. I pray for you and yours daily because you deserve goodness in your life. Dont stop looking for another job because the one your at is slowly taking your beautiful spirit. And I'll have NONE OF THAT NONSENSE!!

So hang in there mama and keep me updated. You know that I'm here to 'hear' ya so don't hesitate to email me in private. Smooches!

Diana (moonlightgrrl)

Oh Aleida, I really was beginning to wonder what was happening with you and have been thinking about you a lot lately. And now I know that it has been for good reason. I am sorry to know that you have been feeling down lately, but I'm hopeful that all these changes will bring you something new and exciting and HAPPY in the very near future. You are in my thoughts, girlfriend! I'm so glad you popped up on my blog. XOXO


So sorry to hear you've been feeling down. I enjoy reading your blog and catching up! Love your cards and LOVE your ATC cards and the idea itself! Hope you find the career path your looking for.


Love your projects! New camera? I am so jealous! You will find a better job! be patient! Plus you will have a fun little package from me on Monday! :-)

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