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February 16, 2008



that is so sweet! so glad that you were treated to such a nice gift. Pleaes let me know how you like the book, since I've been eyeing it up for a while.


Oh. My. Goodness!! Aleida, you are so crazy! My whole family has been sick this week and this has made me feel so much better. I'm shocked and honored that you would be so kind to me. You are my sister girlfriend and you deserve good things in your life, so don't trip! Smooches mama and thank you so much!


I'm so happy for you. See, good things to come to those that are good. Karma. So happy someone is able to spoil you. I swear, if hubby ever get's back to work, I'll going to spoil you too! So glad you're doing okay! An Yvonne, thanks for being such a good friend!


What an awesome friend - I can't wait to look at her pages! She sounds wonderful and you have been blessed!


hey! you got some good goodies in the mail! that looks like the kind of sewing book i need. the ones i bought might as well be in another language!

i have so got to remember to check out her pages. that is/was my fave scrapbooking mag until they upped it to $15 an issue. don't get me started on that nonsense.

hope you are well!

Jenn Emch

Aren't online friends the best! What a sweetie to send you that book. Let me know if it works, k? I don't know how to sew either.

Liz Ness

AWESOME! I just love how connected the blog can make us. It's such a cool result of it all!


How Sweet your friend is! I should post the photo of the apron that I just finished for a bridal shower. Super retro cute!


You know, that is one sweet friend, and I believe that you probably deserve such kindness!

emily (justem)

I have that sewing book! I haven't actually used it yet...but it looks awesome! We should have a common goal and hold each other to it with sewing!!


What fabulous gifts - and a fabulous friend that you have! Have a great week honey!


What a sweet friend!!!

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