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February 24, 2008



i used to watch religiously AND take notes of who was wearing what!! we'd compare at work on Monday...but nobody does that anymore!



I always knew you were a drama I know why! BWAHAAHAAA!! I will be wathching the Oscar because I've done it every year. I love the acceptance speeches and I always find something that makes me all fuzzy inside. Come back Aleida....Come Back....

Jenn Emch

I used to watch too! Now, I don't because I never see any of the movies nominated. My mom is going to an Oscar party tonight. She will clue me in.


I may watch off and on, but usualy the movies I want to win - don't. Love Juno, so that is the one I will be backing. it even up for an Oscar? I am so lame on keeping up on things.

Now, if I lived closer to you, I would be your theater and movie buddy. I love seeing plays.


Had to work tonight so I missed it. Hardly see any movies as it is and only once they are on dvd. My sister saw Juno and LOVED it. So that might be worth going to see even if it is by yourself.
Chad.... You were one of the smart girls! That is why he befriended you! I was friends with alot of guys when I was a teen. They liked that there was no drama around me.


We watched to Oscars just because it's the first one since Grandma moved back and we always watched it together. I miss her like crazy! Hey, if you need a pal to see movies and plays with, I'm your girl!

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