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April 11, 2008



Hey Pretty Lady!! Women come in all shapes and sizes! And you my friend, are PERFECT just the way you are! Brandon Loves you for you-and so does everyone else by the way!!! :-)

Diana (moonlightgrrl)

Thank goodness for Ronia! I am so glad you found that woman who made you feel just like the beautiful princess that you are, my dear!!! Don't ever forget, not even for one second, that you are a stunning beauty! Inside and out. XOXO

~ Ki ~

I loved that movie!!! And I loved your story too - how special! Your Ronia sounds like a very sweet soul!!


I think you look like beautiful! I do understand the issues with finding a wedding gown for Maui. I too, was married in Maui and actually purchased my dress from Davids Bridal. I went in with "attitude" so I was not up to listening to anyone's nonsense. After I told them no poof, no tulle, no layers, no sleeves and nothing over $400, they wanted to kick my arse out. I actually found my own dress because my fitter was showing my the craziest ish. Out of all the dresses I found only one that fit the description above. Yes, just one that was what I wanted and in my price range. My dress was cute but what I loved the most was my wedding and my wedding date.

I love your story and I'm sure your daughter would feel blessed to be able to wear her mothers wedding dress one day.


Okay, I sound like an idiot! The first line is all wrong...It should read

I think that you look beautiful....sorry


I haven't seen the movie so I didn't read through the whole thing (sorry!). But, I do have to say that you and your dress are beautiful!! I hope you're doing well - and I haven't forgotten that I owe you an email...

nicole harper

Aleida, i love your post. and your dress. and that you warned me it was sappy and i still went ahead and read it...xoxo =)

casey boyd

That was about the sweetest post! Love the fairytale looked absolutely gorgeous!

Pretty, Pretty Princess indeed!


Hey girl! You are one of the most beautiful people I know. Before from both ends of the weight scale, I know that size DOES NOT matter. It is what is in your heart and the heart of others that love you.


What a sweet post! You know I took my wedding dress and had pictures of my daughter done when she was 3 or 4 - I'll see if I can find them and post them on my blog

Liz Ness

What a great story Aleida! Plus, you were beautiful in your dress. I'm so glad you posted a photo -- so pretty!!!


awwwwwwe - you should have gotten pictures of bella in your veil! That would be so sweet. :)

So what did you do on your day off?


Look how beautiful you look! Happy (belated) Anniversary. I loved that movie, my favorite part was them singing Benny & The Jets. I laughed until I wheezed.

Jessi G

Thank you so much for sharing this Aleida. I have to say, I've been postponing the wedding planning, hoping to loose weight before shopping for my own gown. I had similar experiences shopping for birdes maids gowns. I was always that largest birdes maid so I am so glad to know I'm not alone in this. You're a knock out in your gown, and it gives me hope. You'll have to come with when I start looking. love you sister!!


Awww thank you for sharing with us Aleida! {except for the blue lettering!! I could not read it!}
So happy you came across Ronia! It was 'meant' to be!
You looked Beautiful!


Oh my, what a beauty you are. You are such a beautiful bride.

How neat, to let your daughter play with your veil. Did you get any photos of her?


Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can remember shopping for a gown for my wedding and struggling to find something that fit my bust. Isn't it wonderful when we have angels in our paths to help us along the way?

Tara JAmes

The dress and you were breathtaking.... thank god for little angels to remind of us of the good things!

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