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August 06, 2008



Awww great pics! I totally understand where you are coming from....on another note...I TOTALLY forgot your daughter's name was Bella! LOL Where is Edward lol.

Emilie Ahern

You two are GORGEOUS!!!!


Your soooo right about that!!!! Great idea..Thanks for the inspiration!

Liz Ness

Well said and for the record...You ARE all that and a trip to Hollywood (love that expression, too)! Love your photos!


These are fantastic pictures and you are beautiful, so stop worrying!!! What a great thing to spend special time having pictures taken with Bella. I can't wait to see them scrapped! :)


These are gorgeous pictures! We are all our worst critics... You both look beautiful!

Sasha Farina

ah!! such a timely reminder!! thanks darlin' :) You girls are gorgeous!


you go girl! you look great!


this is soooo very true! and i think you both look beautiful!

jenn emch

Amen Aleida, Amen! You both are beautiful!

joanne (spagirl)

aleida... you are gorgeous!
beautiful skin! :) that girlie of yours is so sweet!


BEAUTIFUL! I'm proud of you for doing this! It IS hard to get yourself in a pic. I guess most of us moms feel the same way. So beautiful. Can't wait to see more, and some on scrapbook pages!

Lisa Dickinson

well i think you are stunning! good for you! :)


I keep having to ask for my photo to be taken as I am always behind the camera and all too aware that there are hardly any photos of me. I'm definitely making an effort to rectify this :)

Gorgeous, precious photos of the two of you.


These pics are FAB! Both of you are BEAUTIFUL!! I agree...get in the shot!! :-)


Shine on, girl!! And always hand the camera over.. Or else we will never be in any pictures..(I know the feeeling)


Aleida, you look marvelous! And your daughter too...two gorgeous creatures. You made me realize, that our kids will want pics of use together someday down the road when we are apart or {God forbid}, gone. Going home to photo op with both my kids! Thanks Aleida!

Dedra Long

You two are fabulous!!!!
Now, you have inspired me to get in more
pictures and hand that camera over....

You're SO right so many missed moments I have as well with my girls!!!

Thanks for putting this into perspective for me....


You are beautiful Aleida! And so is your daughter.

Thank you for the reminder to be included in those moments with our children. Madi and I have this habit of taking photos of just us two. One of my favorite things to do with her.

alex hardy

Aleida ... you & your family are beautiful.
Your post is a great PSA for mama's to just get in the photos already!


These are very sweet photos, Aleida. I wish I could get some good photos of my girls and myself. They are NOT fans of the camera, lol.


First of all...I take great photos! Second, you are beautiful and the love of my life. I love these pictures of you and baby girl.


Aleida, you will be so glad you have done this. Plus, you should be in photos - you are gorgeous. Believe it. :o)


Love those pictures especially the 4th and last. So sweet.

Susan Beth Breuner

You look fabulous! Keep taking those pics or letting others take them. She will be so happy to have them, both now and when she's all grown up (can't speak for those teen years, because humans just lose all ability to be reasonable during those years). Thanks for sharing!

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