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August 06, 2008


Sarah W

They are great pictures!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!


You look BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe YOU, of all people, would have to worry about not looking good!!!!

Jessi Gribbin

My 2 favorite girls!! How beautiful you are! I love these pictures and I love that you are getting in your pictures!!


i have done the same thing. i could probably count on one hand how many pics i have of me and the girls! thanks for the push.

Heather Prins

yay i am so glad you did. you are much too hard on yourself, you're beautiful and you kids think so too! i made that choice too when my second child was born, my first one wanted to go to the water park and i had just had a baby (you van visualize here if you are brave) and i knew that i had to do it, bathing suit and all to be with my babies, afterall, they are worth going to hell and back for! can't wait to see the layout that comes from your pics!!!


That's something I really need to start doing. I love the pictures of you two. Beautiful

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Gorgeous photos of you two! You are so right, I should.

Christie Wildes

I had to remind myself of that today as I posted a less than supermodel picture of myself on my blog today. But, it was me with my little man - how could I not?!?!

Thanks for the reminder. And those pictures are just adorable. :)


Aleida - those pics are gorgeous! I am in the same place right now and this is such a refreshing reminder! I hate how I look, but I know my kids love me regardless. You've inspired me to let DH take a pic or two :)


awwww....such sweet photos!! You are both beautiful!!!


Gorgeous photos Aleida. I agree with all you say and like you I have very few photos of me and my boys. I asked my DH a few months back now to take the camera off me (I am the photographer in our house hold LOL) when we are out etc and take some photos of me and me and the boys. It's taking some getting used to and remembering but we're getting there :)


these pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the 4th one down!! 2 beautiful girls ;)


Aleida, you and your little one are absolute darlings in front of the camera! Beautiful pictures . . . they brought a smile to my face. I love it when mothers and daughters share those special moments. :-)


Here, Here! Gorgeous pics by the way!


I think you look so good, and you and your daughter are so sweet together! I really needed to hear this today, so thank you for opening your heart.


ok girl, i did it. i did a layout of me and my oldest daughter. yep! it is up on my blog for the world to see! i don't even have any make up on! scary!!!


Beautiful pics!!!

Amy Coose

I know I'm late to the game, but wanted to say those pictures just make my heart swell. Love, LOVE them, you two are just gorgeous.

Marguerite Remington

I love the pictures...but more so, I really appreciate what you wrote about the mommy not being in pictures when the children were smaller. My family has very few pictures of me in them, I always took the pictures. Now I am a grandmother, and no - I don't like my picture to be taken, but am being forced to submit. They want pictures of mom and grandma. So, Thanks for encouraging moms to get in those pictures.

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