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September 11, 2008



I remember too. I was pregnant with Aj....on bed rest...what a day that was.

Sasha Farina

i was having supper with hubby, being that we're around 12 hours ahead... saw the news on the tv of the cafe. i can't swallow ... at all. my knees went weak. we went home without finishing the food.. and stay glues in front of the tv all night long. *shivers*


Aleida we will miss you forever. Until we meet again, I love forever cousin...

sonia doneghue

I'll always love you Aleida. My heart is aching like it never has before.


I love you girl! I will miss you so much!


I will miss you Aleida.

Anne Washington

I love you lady, I am so sorry you are gone from this earth, you made it a far better place. To your husband and children... you were and ARE Aleida's heart. She will be holding you all in her angel wings.

My heart cries...



You will be so sadly words can say..


thank you for being my will be missed..there are no words that feel right to express what i am heart goes out to your family, Brandon, Joshua and Bella.

teresa collins

I am so deeply saddened that the world has lost such a beautiful woman. Words cannot express the sorrow that I am feelings. I received a email from from you the other day...and I laughed. Your spirit is strong and you made me smile. You will be greatly missed.

Kirsty Wiseman

lots of love to your beautiful family who will no doubt be breaking their hearts today and forever.
You will undoubtedly be missed, my friend.
The daylight has gone from our forum today :(


God be with you til we meet again x

Ki Kruk

To Aleida's dear Brandon, Josh & Bella....

I am so sorry for your loss. Words will not comfort you right now but know that Aleida loved all of you with every fibre of her being - you were all her world and she shared you with all of us, her friends. I will greatly miss her and my heart is also breaking right now. I will miss her so very much. She was an incredible woman and an even more incredible friend. She will remain etched in my heart forever.


I will miss you Aleida.

corinne delis

Tears are streaming across my face as I have just read the terrible news of you being gone. You always left such sweet and uplifting comments on my blog, they meant more to me than you will ever know. I will pray for your family that they will get through this.

love always Corinnexxx


Oh god... my heart hurts for your loved ones!

You will be missed! You are loved! You are remembered!



I just can't believe this news. My heat dropped when I read about the crash. I just wanted her family to know that she touched many people with her presence online. I only knew her via Studio Calico. And I'll miss her quick wit.
I'll keep you in my thoughts.


aleida, you'll be so missed. love you girl. my thoughts and prayers are going to your family.


God Bless you, Aleida. Your kindness will be missed terribly. Praying for your family and ALL of your friends.

Heather Prins

Yes the world will always remember 911, but the scrapbooking world you belonged to and that loved you so will always remember you too, my friend. I bet you didn't realize how we loved you and longed to know you better? You had that kind of magnatism, there was just something about you that drew me to you, and others as well. It was your kind spirit and wonderful encouraging words and oh yes your sharp wit! We miss you Aleida, I miss you. Brandon, Josh & Bella and to all of Aleida's family, peace be with you, you have an angel to watch over you.

Rita Oliverio

I am devastated by this terrible news:( Aleida , you will be missed, and I am keeping your beautiful family in my thoughts and prayers.

kimberly brimhall will be missed.

aleida's prayers are with you.

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

I will miss you my friend, your sense of humor made me laugh so much and we had some giggles on the blog I know. You touched my heart with your kindness, your emails. Praying for your babies, your family. This is just so sudden, devastating, and tragic. I bet you are a delightful angel.


I am in utter shock & despair. Oh Aleida, fly away to heaven...peace & love.


RIP my friend.

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