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September 01, 2008



Everything looks great I love the mini album and woo hooo on such a great gift!!!


Dang are doing it up big. I love that mini and your layout for STM is great. You really touch people in a way that they want to go out of their for you. I think its awesome that someone is hooking you up so you can have your SC fix. The word is're a very special lady. Thanks for the 'love your blog' award/ nod. Aww, shucks!!


You have got some great friends- one lucky gal you are to be thought of by her! Your poor baby boy- I have heard about "the virus"- I feel for you all. I will keep him in my prayers. Your book is rockin' girl!!


Hugs to you Mama. I hope your baby feels better soon!


First...fabulous layout and incredible mini! Really, realy cool! I'm afraid I did not get to that one. Someday.

Thanks for the blog award-you are too kind! Just warning you tho - I've been tagged like 5 times for different things and have never managed to continue the tag because I don't know enough bloggers.

And again, you deserve all of the kindness that comes your way.


By the way - I hope your little guy gets better real soon! I know how horrible being sick can be and poor little kiddos don't need that.


i hope that Joshua gets better very soon...oh the woes of getting used to being in school with all the germy kids! yuck.

how can you say that your mini making skills are not superb? seriously. this album is stunning. so clean, perfect and intricate. see? i wish i could do perfect and neat. so we'll just have to live vicariously through each other that way :)

thanks for the blog award too sweetie!

jenn emch

Oh sweetie, I hope your little guy feels better soon and get some help at the ER. Keep us posted. That mini is smokin!


Omgosh! So much to comment on here! First of all, I hope your son is getting the mending he needs. It's no fun to have a child who is so sick and you feel a bit helpless.

Second - the mini book is SOOO cool - love the way you did the Q: and the A: for each page.

Third - wow, that Jessi is some sweetheart. What an amazing gift. I know how bummed one gets in canceling that subscription. Seriously amazing good karma floating around your life!


Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting - you are the sweetest! :) And love love LOVE your work - OMGoodness, what was FP thinking in not selecting you or Laverne? :-P That mini-album is gorgeous, as is your daughter!

I look forward to seeing your future SC creations - what an awesome gift you have received! thoughts and prayers for your son, I hope that he is feeling better very soon - it's so hard for us moms to watch it ride its course. :( HUGS!


Fabulous LO and mini book! LOve, love, love your mini!! Can't say enough about it.

What a wonderful gift! You are very deserving and SC wouldn't be the same without you.

I hope your son starts to feel better! It's so hard and scary when they are sick!
Take care!

Anne Washington

Oh dear Lady, I hope the little one is better soon, how frightening for all of you. Please let us know how he is. He is in my prayers.

Anne aka anniescraps

~ Ki ~

Holy crap, you amaze me! I LOVE that book. Would you mind if I lifted the idea? WOW! I really have to do some mini books!!
You are so blessed! WOW - six months of SC? That has to be one of the best gifts ever! You are definitely loved you lucky girl!!

~ Ki ~

Also, that layout of you is beautiful! I think that is the most gorgeous photo of you!
I hope your little guy is feeling better VERY soon! I will say a prayer!


so awesome of a friend and gift!! That is a true friend to treasure!

I feel for ya...I know that is not easy and it's so tough being a mom with a sick child. I pray he feels better SOON and all others in the household stay well.


I hope Josh feels better soon.

Liz Ness

Oh wow!!!! Thanks for thinking of me/my blog, Aleida. Also, HUGS and prayers/wishes for your little one -- hope he feels better soon! Oh, and one last thing: WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MINI! Simply AWESOME!!!

Thanks again, girl-friend!

Jessi Gribbin

Poor Joshy. We will be praying he gets better soon. Give hime a hug for me.

now 2 more things - LOVE the mini and I LOVE your STM LO. Mom and I decided we need to scrap with you so we can "borrow" your mojo. :) Enjoy the sub, I have loved every mintue of mine and it's added some specialness for me and Mom. Just my way of saying thanks. :)

Scrap Evangel

I love that album. The photos and prompts are fabulous. Makes me want to do a mini.
Praying that ds is well.

Kelly R

Amazing mini - really stunning!!
What an awesome gift ;o)

And I'm thinking of you and your family, I hope your son gets better quickly xxx


You are truly talented. I so love that mini book. Hope everyone feels better soon. Take care!


I love your mini album! Nice job :) I'm waiting for my Studio Calico kit now. Never disappoints.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your son.


I am thinking about you girl!! Hoping your son is starting to feel better and that you are able to rest!!! Thank you for your encouragement and how awesome is that wonderful gift!!! You are blessed girl!!


Hey Aleida - I love the mini album you did. Beautiful!!!

Hope your little man is feeling better. :-)

Kim Watson

Hi there Aleida, I saw the link to your site on Shaina's thought I'd pop over & say hi! Well my visit hasn't in vain...your blog is really cool, as is your scrapping. Boy! you have some talent girl!!! I love your mini album...I am feeling inspired to try one too TFS!!

I pray for a speedy recovery for your little one. We too have just gotten over a hideous virus, so I can sympathize with what you are going through.
Keep well.

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