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September 06, 2008



Well, I loved your little accident. That photo must be coming to a layout soon! Looks like the kids had a ball at the party. Glad you made it through....the things we do for our kids!

Sasha Farina

gorgeous peek! can't wait for the reveal :) and i'm in love with your happy accident!!!


You don't do bugs? Really? You've destroyed all of the images I've had of you. Hmmmph. ;) Looks like a great time from the pics. And the sneak of your layout looks fabulous!


I hate bugs! I was scrapping the other night in front of the tv. I looked down and nearly had a heart attack when i saw an ugly spider crawling up my leg. I freaked. I HATE bugs!!!

Love the picks from the party though, so FUN!! :-)


Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love these photos! Another thing we have in common, bugs and the outdoors. I really hate flying bugs and I don't particularly like the outdoors too much either. Can't wait to see your full layout.


Fun party! I would have been jumping on the inflatable and would have gotten kicked out. Yeah...I'm immature. Glad you survived the bugs. Just think on our scrap camping retreat next spring you can enjoy more bugs while you roast marshmallows over the campfire and prepare to sleep on the dirty ground. Ahhh heaven!


Awww great pics. I don't do bugs either lol

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