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September 05, 2008



beautiful the sentiment..have a great Friday

Jen Davis

Classy photo!


amen to that sista

~ Ki ~

Holy crap it!


Aleida, you alway make me smile. Thank you for that. I hope your Friday is blessed. :o)

P.S. Love the photo. You look mahvelous!


You know this photo is just wonderful! Have a good weekend too!


this is an awesome pic...i'm trying to figure out how you did it??? way cool.

have a good weekend!

Heather Prins

oooo that is wicked cool!!


wowee! what a great picture!
have a great weekend, A :)

Kelly R

Beautiful photo!!
Hope you have a great weekend ;o)

Kel xxx

Jessi Gribbin

That is an amazing picture!! So glad it's the weekend!!


TGIF! Made it through another week :-)


Happy!!!! is what I feel when I look at this photo. Is it someone else taking the photo outside? Love seeing your LO in the background. AND is this your kitchen? Pretty cool!


What a great photo! Hope you have a great weekend! DH and I are actually going out tomorrow..without the kids! for our anniversary!

Susan Beth Breuner

Absolutely love that self portriat! I need to learn to do somethign like that!

Tara Van Moorsel

Was that photo a happy accident or did you plan it? Either way ... it friggin' rawks!


What a great photo! Moments like that don't come along to often so it's awesome that you noticed it and snapped it before it went away.


This is seriously a cool picture. I would say have a good weekend, but I am a little have a great week ahead!


This is a beautiful picture, Aleida!

My thoughts are with your family and your beautiful children. They will always know you loved them very much.

Your wonderful scrapbook pages and projects and meaningful journaling will help them know that even more.

It was a pleasure knowing you as a blogging friend.


It's been a year since you posted this entry, I still miss you, and I remember all the great conversations we had. What an amaaaazing thing to have you in my family...

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